lawrence rothman opening for twin shadow @ the Glasshouse, Pomona, CA

140807 twilight concerts, santa monica pier

First close view of those new york buildings #emotional

oblig new york pigeons photo

sculpture garden


on the steps of the lincoln memorial

Got my Canon eos m today!!! So excited to use it during my dc/ny trip next week!

140605 Hajime Alabanza, La Jolla Shores

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140605 Haj the Skater

This series is a profile on my friend Hajime Alabanza. We headed down to La Jolla Shores for the shoot. My approach to the design aspect of this project was to make an ad campaign like profile thus the repeating logo you see. Each image is supposed to be able to stand alone as a advertising piece as well as maintain cohesiveness so that when you put them together it reads like a profile article.  

Haj is the only guy I know who uses the word “keen” regularly thus the title “Stay Keen”.

140605 Had fun shooting with my skater friend Haj today! I think I know what a kick flip is now?


060114 Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach

Soy latte x Friends, Influx Cafe in Little Italy